artageoasis deserves the right not to upload or distribute to, or otherwise publish through the site or forums any communication which is obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit or abusive . Constitute false or misleading identification of origin or statement of fact. Standers, libels, defames or otherwise violates the legal of any third party Causes injury of any kind to any person. Violation of any application, rules and regulations Contain software viruses or any other malicious code designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware

According to the privacy policy, the company handles the personal information of the user. artageoasis collect, use and share personal information to keep the website safe. The personal information used for few general purposes

To Customize the content that you see To provide a better and efficient service Resolve dispute , collect fees and troubleshoot problems Communicate marketing and lucrative offers to you Collection of documents: artageoasis collect and store following information Valid email address and physical contact information, depend on the services, sometimes it may be financial information. You may require to give your name, residence address, address of workplace, date of birth and educational qualifications.


All personal information contained by artageoasis is treated as strictly confidential and artageoasis will not disclose or share such kind of confidential information with any third party or external organization. Privacy of user is top priority for us. We will not disclose any confidential information about the user under any circumstances. Personal information of the user may be disclosed according to the situation as per requirement of governments and law enforcing agencies. In case of any fraud on account of such transaction, artageoasis has the right to disclose the personal information in any investigation or judicial process. In order to protect the right of anyone, property or safety and to enforce policies of the company we may also disclose the personal information. Access, Modification, and Deletion User can see, modify or can erase their personal information by reviewing their posting or account status page. Personal information can be deleted, when we don’t need it for any purpose

Data Security

To protect the security of your personal information against unauthorized access, artageoasis use a number of mechanisms (password and physical security). Unfortunately, nowadays no data transmission over the internet can